We’ve seen it all over the years when corporate event trends have come along and gone again just as quickly.  But there are several events that clients just never tire of and that’s because they are genuinely great fun and have mass appeal that endures.

They might not be the latest ‘thing’ but if you want your corporate event to be memorable for all the right reasons, we’d highly recommend going with one of the following event ideas:

1)    The Multi-Activity Event

Choose a corporate event tailor made to your group, featuring up to 8 activities for a full day of fun.  Structured timeslots on each activity allow for an element of fun competition between each group, with a round up at the end of the day to announce the winning team and the funniest moments of the day.  There’s a huge array of activities to choose from depending on whether your groups are a bunch of petrol heads, creative types, highly energetic or prefer a slower pace of activity.  As always, we put the emphasis on fun, and lots of it!

When: All year round

Where: Our venue, or elsewhere in southern England

Who:  Typically for up to 50, but can be more if budget allows.

2)    The Family Fun Day

Why not extend the invitation to your teams’ families too and create a corporate event that will be enjoyed by all ages.  The lack of structure means that your guests can really relax and do what they choose.  That could be hanging out in the marquee eating and drinking with their friends all afternoon, getting round as many activities as possible or perhaps riding the merry go round 20 times over with their young family!  There’s something for everyone and hundreds of activities to choose from.  As for location, go for rustic at our venue, Ashtree Farm in Kent, or a beautiful backdrop such as a hotel or castle.  As long as they have the grounds available, then we can run a fantastic family fun day for you.  Previous events have included:

  • A huge delicious BBQ (absolutely essential!)
  • Pimms and beer tent
  • Fairground rides and stalls
  • Target archery
  • Motorised activities
  • Face painters
  • Arts and crafts stalls
  • School fete
  • Inflatables or It’s a Knockout
  • Rowing boats

When: Spring through to Autumn

Where: Our venue, Ashtree Farm in Kent

Who:  Great for larger groups

3)    The Treasure Hunt

A totally flexible corporate event and cost effective too.  Choose from urban or rural location, on foot, by car, by boat or even by quad bike!

A treasure hunt involves everyone and can be staged anywhere.  Add in a time deadline and a sense of urgency and you’ve got all the ingredients for a brilliant, memorable event.

Find stuff, collect evidence, answer clues, solve puzzles.

When: All year round

Where: Anywhere!

Who:  Any group size, large or small.

4)   The Summer Festival

Create your own mini Glastonbury!  Make the most of our beautiful rural farm location and enjoy a laid back summer party vibe with activities throughout the day, an evening party with live music on stage, bar and overnight camp in giant teepees.  Forget dodgy facilities and over-crowding though, we’ll bring in luxury shower units and toilets for an altogether more sophisticated festival experience.

When: Summer months

Where: Our venue, Ashtree Farm in Kent

Who:  Ideal for larger groups

5) The School Sports Day

Nothing brings on fits of giggles amongst colleagues quite as much as a three-legged race – It’s always hilarious!  You know what’s involved, you’ll remember it from your school days, cheering on your team from the side lines.  It was fun back then and re-enacting it now is even more so!  Remember these?:

  • Egg and spoon race
  • Tug of War
  • 3-Legged race
  • Wheelbarrow race
  • Relay race
  • Sack race
  • Bean bag challenge
  • Space Hopper challenge

Complete with medals and a trophy for the winning team, bunting and flags.  School uniform optional!

When: All year round

Where: Anywhere there is room outside

Who:  Typically for up to 50, but can be more if budget allows.

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