If you are planning on organising a corporate event in London, are you disappointed with the range or type of activities that are available to you? Or maybe its just that you’ve done all the “on foot”, “on the water” or “in car” GPS treasure hunts there are and you’ve been on enough of the Cooking and Cocktail making type activities that are available to you, then you may need to look a little further.


If you want to look at having the option of doing more adventurous activities then planning a corporate event in London may mean you have to travel just a short distance outside of the London Boroughs. If this is something you are willing to do there is a whole range of opportunities that could be available to you.


Just a 45 minute train journey or an hour by car or coach could mean that your corporate event in London could include 4 x 4 Off Road Driving where you will get to experience just what these amazing vehicles are capable of when they climb near suicidal slopes or Clay Pigeon Shooting where you will get a huge sense of satisfaction once you have been taught the art of downing clays as they soar across the sky. Or you might want to try Quad Biking where you get the chance to venture out on these fantastic “go anywhere” machines across acres of woodland, orchards, opens fields and some pretty demanding slopes or maybe you are the next Robin Hood and you would try your hand at the ancient sport of Target Archery. You may even be up for the complete adrenalin rush that is the Apache Rally Cars, arguably one of the most exciting experiences you’ll get behind the wheel of a car when you are taught the art of “drifting” (going sideways at high speed) or, by complete contrast, Geese Herding when you are taught how to communicate with the Border Collies and getting them to herd geese through a course. These are just a few of the activities that are available to anyone organising a corporate event in London. Sometimes it really does pay to go just a little further out and if you are willing to do this your corporate event in London will take on a completely different look.


Colleagues and clients will not fail to be impressed and once you have done one of these events and experienced the wide array of activities you can experience, we can virtually guarantee there will be no stopping you in returning when you are next organising a corporate event in London.