Hooray for springtime!

  It's that time of year again already.  We love it when spring arrives, not only because the farm where we are based bursts into life and the view from the office window is just stunning!  Because our business is largely seasonal, the quieter winter months are spent planning new exciting activities for the coming

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Choosing the right team building company

  So, you’ve decided everybody would benefit from an offsite event.  Great idea!  Now you’ve got to choose the best team building company to suit your requirements.  Here’s our top 5 tips to help you on your way:   Experience: Bearing in mind that anybody can set up a laptop in their spare room and

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Building Effective Teams

Vector Resourcing event day - Hever Castle 29/03/11 Picture Jim Holden 07590 683036 We’ve learned a thing or two over the years running team building events for our clients.  Each group arrives with their own set of objectives, sometimes it’s to iron out issues between team members, sometimes it’s to invigorate the

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The team building event that everyone really wants to be part of!

In 2015 The Wright Event was asked to organise a team building event with a festival feel for a leading property company to celebrate their 15th anniversary.  The event was held over two days and was a huge success.  Since 2015 our client has continued to grow and many of the new recruits got to hear about

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8 inspiring team building quotes

So what’s to be done when you need change a of mindset in the workplace fast? Here’s a selection of our favourite quotes to motivate and inspire those who work together.  We’ve included a pdf sheet if you’d like to print them, stick them to the wall by your desk and remind those

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