So, you’ve decided everybody would benefit from an offsite event.  Great idea!  Now you’ve got to choose the best team building company to suit your requirements.  Here’s our top 5 tips to help you on your way:


  • Experience:

Bearing in mind that anybody can set up a laptop in their spare room and call themselves an events manager, you’ll need to be careful to make sure the team building company you are speaking with has a good deal of experience.  Anybody can build a surprisingly good website at very little cost, so look beyond glossy images and marketing jargon.

How many years has the company been in business?  Who are their clients?  Do they have repeat clients?  Are they happy to show you some testimonials and even let you speak to some clients?

Also check online reviews on social media and review sites, such as Feefo or trustpilot.


  • Specific expertise:

There’s a multitude of team building companies out there, with a vast array of experiences and activities on offer.  Although we specialise in outdoor group activities and off road driving, we also act as a one stop-shop for dozens of activity providers.  We’ve built up relationships with our providers over years of being in business.  We also run from our own venue, own much of our own kit and supply our own staff.  The benefits for our clients are a saving on cost, masses of industry knowledge and no middle-man.


If you choose to deal with an agency instead, ensure that they have experience of booking the type of activities you are after.  They will give you access to a wider range of events, but will likely be a little more expensive and ‘one step removed’ from the on-site events team.


  • Meet face to face:

You’ll gain a far better idea of the company’s set up if you actually visit their premises.  If it’s suggested that you meet at a coffee shop instead, then at least you’ll know who you are dealing with and take the event manager at face value.  Not to say there’s anything wrong with a freelance event manager masquerading as a team building company.  There are some excellent people out there with years of experience and everybody setting up on their own has to start somewhere.  The point is, transparency is important.  Once you’ve met, you’ll be far better equipped to trust your instincts too.


  • Check insurance:

All businesses need insurance, but due to the nature of a team building company, it’s even more important to check what is covered and who they cover.  Do they ensure that all their suppliers have their own insurance too?


  • Be clear on your objectives:

The best way to work well with your company of choice is to be really clear at the outset about your objectives.  Armed with this crucial information, the team building company will be able to offer a formal proposal.  Any decent company will know that this is a starting point and flexibility is important.  You should be able to make changes throughout the process, right up to the event to ensure the day is bespoke and perfectly suited to your group.  If you get the feeling that the company is offering you a ‘one size suits all’ or ‘off the shelf’ solution, then choose a different team building company.


Now for our sales bit!

We’ve been providing team building events for over 26 years!  We have our own venue but are also fully mobile.  If you’d like to talk to us about your event, please call us on 01732 529511 and we’d love to chat with you!  Or use our contact form to send us your enquiry:


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