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Drumming Workshop

A typical session begins with a brief overview of Samba, describing its history and providing a demonstration of the instruments we'll be using. The group then begins the practical part of the session with some simple clapping and stamping exercises.

The group is split into sections, each being given its own set of instruments. Corresponding rhythms are then taught to each group, which they first play individually as a section and then with all the other sections as an entire band. As the leader ('mestro') calls different sections in and out of the performance, participants can witness how the various rhythms work together as a whole.

Once the group has found its 'groove', the mestro will begin to teach some breaks - short passages played in unison by the whole band, which are called in using a whistle and give punctuation to the performance. If more than one rhythm has been learned, breaks can also signify a change in pattern.