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Quad Bike Treasure Hunts

Our quad bike treasure hunts are normally tailor made with the only limitations being the facilities of your chosen venue and your own specific requirements. Based on a scavenger hunt, 'quad bike couriers' will be tasked with identifying areas on a map from where they need to retrieve components required for other team members to build a given device.

The 'quad bike couriers' can also be assisted by 'foot couriers' and it is therefore not essential for all team members to go out onthe quads if they wish not to. All couriers must be back at base by a given time otherwise penalty points are incurred. The device, commonly an 'egg launcher', also has to be completed by a given time or there will be further penalty points.

The event concludes with a grand finale when all teams have to test their creations against one another to see who the ultimate winner is.