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Is this your office?

We hear it all the time.  Corporate life, whether it’s in central London or more locally, can be pretty stifling and, more than ever before, people are under pressure to deliver at work.  There’s always a lot on.
Perhaps your office is a stressful environment.  Perhaps that has even become accepted as the norm and only the HR manager or Team Leader is aware of the potential damage this is doing as, on the surface, everything seems smooth enough.  After all, at least people still show up every day!

If that sounds familiar or you have noticed any of the following symptoms, then we can help you sort things out with a fun team building day!

  • John looks shattered every day
  • Fiona and Helen are starting to snap at each other and becoming impatient
  • Paul is getting frustrated that he doesn’t seem able to communicate clearly and is being misunderstood.
  • Everybody just seems a little lack lustre.
  • The whole team isn’t being as productive as it could be.
  • Office politics is slowly on the rise and is beginning to impact on productivity and atmosphere.
  • The newest intake of employees haven’t quite jelled with the existing team.

Okay, so these are just examples (maybe a little contrived and maybe it’s not that bad yet) but the negative side effects of a pressured environment where it’s all work and no play can manifest in any number of ways, none of them pleasant or conducive to a happy workplace.

The point is, we understand that your team needs nurturing! If you want to achieve better performance in the workplace, then you need a good atmosphere in the office.  You need happy, refreshed people who feel appreciated and valued.

How can we help you achieve this?

Our superb team building days create a buzz and clients tell us that people talk about the fun they shared here for months afterwards.  We know that when you remove people from their usual work environment, you allow them to shine in a way not seen before.
We’re not really into psychological profiling with protracted questionnaires.  While we understand the theory, for us, the best team building is a natural by-product of fun.

It has to be fun!

We’ve been doing this a very long time (26 years to be precise) and if there is one thing we know, it’s that when you provide colleagues with a non-threatening, friendly, competitive environment and ramp up the fun factor, then you have the ingredients for a first class team building day.

We have plenty of team challenges, games and tasks to choose from.  Some require adopting a collaborative team approach, some promote elevated communication between team members.  Others call for problem solving skill and sharing of ideas.  All result in heightened trust and openness between co-workers.
What they all have in common, is that your teams are guaranteed to relax, enjoy themselves and create some fantastic shared memories.  We are experts in bespoke events that help you achieve your objectives and 100% guaranteed, we have something for everyone to enjoy.  And did we mention, how much fun you are all going to have?

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