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4x4 Safety Awareness Course

This one day course gives you the opportunity to understand how four wheel drive systems work and experience the vehicle operating in true off-road conditions. Whether driving for business or pleasure the knowledge and skills gained on this course can be used to ensure that vehicles are being driven properly, reducing maintenance and repair costs and improving safety.

All general aspects of off-road driving are covered including, observation and ground reading, hill starts and stops, ascents and descents, ridges, ditches and ruts together with failed hill climb recovery techniques.

With up to three attendees per instructor, this course is exceptionally good value and will suit those who want comprehensive training but do not need an accredited certificate.

Attendees receive our course notes and a certificate of attendance.

  • 4x4 Safety Awareness Course Full Day Exclusive Session for up to 3 drivers - £467.00
  • Half Day Exclusive Session for up to 3 drivers - £284.50