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Half Day Safari Drive 4 x 4 BORDA safety handling course

Half Day Safari Drive 4x4 BORDA safety handling course.

Self Drive Safari holidays are becoming more and more popular but, as with any type of adventure holiday, there are always inherent risks. With Safari Drives one of the main risks is vehicles rolling over on loose surface undulating tracks. There is also concern that the normal off road training is far too extreme for the purpose of the Self Drive Safari and is possibly tempting drivers to take on more than they should.

Consequently BORDA have produced a half day course that concentrates on vehicle checks, understanding the controls of the vehicle, driving on very mild surfaces with a high speed cornering element and changing wheels using standard vehicle equipment.

  • Half Day Safety Handling Course – 1 person £244.50 + VAT
  • Half Day Safety Handling Course – 2 people £261.00 + VAT (£130.50 per person)
  • Half Day Safety Handling Course – 3 people £278.00 + VAT (£92.67 per person)
(All prices include course notes, training report and BORDA certificate)