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Quads and Apache – 2 Hours

The twin seater Apache Rally Car is more akin to driving a rally car on ice and was designed and built in our own workshops.  You will have an instructor on board whilst you drive, to ensure you experience the extreme edge of motorised thrills.  Adrenalin-pumping, unrestricted nerve tingling excitement and pleasure are yours on this activity and always in complete safety.  The dynamics of driving the Apache are far more exciting and more user-friendly than anything in this field of motor sport.  Be prepared to be taken to a whole new league in off road racing.

Follow this with a session on our 150cc quad bikes, which are arguably the most able when it comes to the really tough stuff!  The activity starts with a brief theory, demonstration and insight into the capabilities of the quad bikes.  Guests then undertake a highly enjoyable period of ability and safety assessment before experiencing this exciting and novel way of encountering the great outdoors!

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