Ahhhh, the great outdoors! Nothing beats it right? The smell of freshly cut grass, the sun shimmering through the leaves of the trees, the sound of the wind whistling through fields; we all love to get outdoors and to experience nature first-hand.

But do we really spend enough time in nature?  Sure, we can try to rush through a walk at the weekend or in the evenings after a hard-long day at work; but are we missing out on some incredible benefits that could actually support our work life?

Us human beings come from nature and we tend to forget that.  We do actually need to be outdoors and to make the most of the elements around us.  It’s generally accepted that those who work in a modern setting (such as an office) can be prone to suffering from depression and anxiety among other mental illnesses.  Exposure to natural light and being in nature helps!  That is why it is so important to encourage your workforce to take a break and get outside.

But what exactly are the other benefits of stepping into nature during the workday?


Enhanced Well-Being

As mentioned earlier, our bodies are natural entities.  We need to be in nature to touch base and to feel good about ourselves.  Stepping out into nature can allow us to switch off from modern life and technology and allow us to remain mindful and to allow our minds to settle and to reset.


Increased Creativity

Do you ever just hit a wall when trying to do something creative?  You are having to design something, or even just trying to write an article and for whatever reasons you cannot find the words to write or you cannot think of any fresh ideas.  But what happens when you take a break and come back to it?  You feel refreshed and all of a sudden all of the ideas you were struggling with before seem to come so naturally and without any stress or pressure.

Stepping out into nature will allow you the chance to find this creative juice once again!


Better Mental Health

Natural light, and nature have a direct impact on our mental health.  Especially in our modern life where we are surrounded by technology and social media; we can quickly feel our mental health take a negative turn and we can start to feel stressed and pressured which if not acted upon can lead to longer term problems.  Problems which as an individual we do not want, and as bosses or managers we do not want as it can lead to long-term illnesses if not careful.


Better Physical Health

Similar to the points about mental health, being able to step out into nature allows your body to remain healthy, gives you plenty of exercise which will then in-turn to allow you to work more productively and successfully. Not only that, it will once again reduce the chances of you needing to take sick days due to poor health.

It really is not surprising that being in the natural world is intrinsically good for us.  We simply need nature in our lives. Our bodies, senses and our minds have evolved within nature and it is important that we do not lose touch.

As an employer, encourage your team members to get back to nature where possible.  Introduce natural lighting and plants within your office if possible.  Try to set up a nice outside garden for your team to use and encourage them to take their breaks outside and away from their desks.  Even this small change can make a bigger difference further down the line.