How do I go Quad Biking in London?

Quad Biking in winter

If you’re looking for an exhilarating activity in the capital that is ideal for work outings or stag and hen parties why not consider quad biking? London itself might not seem like the obvious place to hop on a quad bike, unless you’re planning on riding it down the centre of Oxford Street, but there are plenty of places where you can go quad biking in London or at least fairly close by.

Where to go quad biking in London
There are some quad biking centres within the M25 if you look for them. These are often more compact than centres further out of London and focus on purpose built tracks and courses with mud trenches and water hazards rather than using the natural countryside terrain. As land is at a premium inside the M25 quad biking in London itself may be a little more expensive than quad bike centres further out of the capital.

There are plenty of areas that are ideal for quad biking just outside London, and these are easily accessible within an hour by car or train. Of course we think if you’re heading east Kent is by far the best place to go quad biking from London, and you can find out why in our previous post about quad biking in Kent. Alternatively if you’d rather head south the Surrey Hills provide a dramatic landscape for a quad safari. To the west you’ll find a few quad centres in Berkshire, and to the north you have a couple of options in Hertfordshire.

When you add travel costs, quad biking in London and the surrounding areas can sometimes get a little pricey so look out for special offers and discounts. A two for one offer can make a big difference to the price of a stag party activity or a work day out, so it might be worth travelling that little bit further to take advantage of it.

The practicalities of quad biking in London
Getting out of the city centre will be your first concern when you’re arranging to go quad biking around London. Look for a quad bike centre that is close to a major train line with good connections into central London. Ask everyone in your group to meet at your chosen London station at least 20 minutes before the train leaves and give yourself plenty of time to get to the quad centre at the other end. Talk to your quad centre about whether they can arrange a pick up or taxis from their local station if necessary. If you’re driving out of London arrange a convenient pick up point, add a little extra time for traffic hold ups, and check where you need to park.

As well as travel arrangements you’ll also want to plan your day around meals and additional activities. If you’re quad biking in the morning, ask your quad bike venue if they can recommend a nearby pub or restaurant for lunch, or see if they provide any kind of catering at the venue. Check if there are other activities in the local area that can easily be combined with a quad bike safari, but remember to bring spare clothes to change into as you can get very muddy on a quad bike.

Quad biking in London, or at least on the outskirts of London, is fairly simple as long as you put some thought into choosing your venue, planning transport, and checking out the local facilities. Once you’re finished with quad biking London is just a short drive or train ride away so you can carry on the party in the city.

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