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So here's a funny thing. Quad biking has a little moment of public attention every now and then when some (famous) idiot does themselves an injury riding around on their new toy.

quad biking

We know quad biking can be dangerous, that's why our instructors are so well trained at training! But we've also noticed some other stories that have cropped up recently and gone viral around the world. Here a selection of the most shared. Warning - there's a real mix here - the good, the bad and the ugly!


Shocking moment a group of teens on motorcycles and quad bikes chase terrified emus through a paddock

Daily Mail  - Bianca Bongato. 


Idiots alert!! 

"Teenagers on motorbikes were seen chasing terrified emus through a paddock
Video shows the teens chasing the flightless birds on quad-style bikes
One rider was seen filming the birds with their GroPo as they chased them down
The video went viral on social media and has caused public outrage"


Attorney General Geoffrey Cox MP pictured at controversial hunt where 'frisky' bull headbutted hunters' quad bike



Hunt saboteurs were tickled as they witnessed a frisky bull calf take a disliking to one of the terrier quad bikes and chased it out of his field before head-butting the quad.



Farmer races on quad bike over blazing Saddleworth Moor to save his 3,000 stranded sheep

Katie French, dailymail.co.uk


"A farmer launched a heroic bid to save his sheep from a fire as it raged across grassland towards them.  Dramatic footage of James Crowther, 30, risking his own life for his livestock has emerged as he raced to save them on the back of a quad bike in Greater Manchester."



Dog saves man trapped under quad bike on Central Queensland property by keeping him warm

Emilia Terzon, ABC.net.au


This is an endearing tale of a four legged furry friend saving his master's life after spending a night trapped beneath his quad bike is freezing conditions.  Ahhh, lovely!



And last but not least, a quad-bike loving celebrity - David Beckham

David Beckham photobombs Brooklyn and girlfriend Hana Cross as they enjoy day out quad biking

Natasha Sporn standard.co.uk 


"David Beckham photobombed Brooklyn and his girlfriend Hana Cross as they all enjoyed a day out quad biking. The loved-up pair joined David, seven-year-old Harper and their pet puppy Olive for a day out on Sunday, making the most of the good weather for a spot of family time."

We're excited to announce that 'The Wright Event' is up for an industry award! 

We have been selected as finalists in the 'Best Quad Biking/ ATV Experience' category at The Adventure Awards, taking place in Leicester on 3rd April this year.

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You may have seen an article in the Daily Telegraph (17th November) about Off Road
Trials or Tyro Trials as they are known and thought it looked great fun. Something that
parents and kids can do together. The main point of the article was to highlight the fact
that motorsport doesn’t have to be hugely expensive like the Champagne-soaked
spectacle of Formula One, VIP enclosures at the Goodwood Revival and numerous other
elitist events that are difficult to attend and impossible for the majority of people to
take part in. This is where Tyro Trials comes in and the article goes on to say that “Tyro
is cheap” and that for as little as £2,000 this is a sport that you can take part.
Now, whilst £2,000 is cheap in comparison to the more elitist events previously
mentioned, it is still one hell of an outlay and on top of this cost you’ve still got
maintenance, transportation and storage issues to take into account.
So what’s the answer? Well we believe we have the answer at the Ian Wright
Organisation where we can provide all of the benefits of taking part in off road
motorsport, with the kids if you want to, but without the need to own your own off
road vehicle…you simply come along and use ours. We have a fleet of Land Rover
Discoveries (some which are dual control) as well as Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTV’s),
Sporting Trials Cars and for those wanting to try something without a steering wheel we
have a fleet of Quad Bikes. What we also have is an amazing venue where you will find
slopes and obstacles to suit every possible standard of driver ability plus fully qualified
instructors who will teach you exactly what the vehicles are capable of and how to get
the best out of them. All of our activities begin with classroom sessions as we believe it
is essential for you to know how the drive train of your vehicle works so that you can
then fully appreciate what you can do with it when in a practical situation.
So, for as little as £41 (now that is cheap) you too could get into the muddy world of
“Off-Road Trials” and, if you really do take to it, then you can go and splash out on
buying your own car.


Not long to go now until we are exhibiting at Kent Vision Live.  We haven’t been to this event before and we’re really excited at the prospect of meeting so many other Kent based businesses and business people.

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The Ian Wright Organisation is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. It was back in 1987 when Ian, a keen motor sports enthusiast and a competitor in Sporting Trials Car competitions, was asked by a friend who ran an events company if he would be willing to bring his Trials Car along to a corporate event to help entertain his clients. Of course Ian was more than happy to agree to this especially...

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If you’re looking for an exhilarating activity in the capital that is ideal for work outings or stag and hen parties why not consider quad biking? London itself might not seem like the obvious place to hop on a quad bike, unless you’re planning on riding it down the centre of Oxford Street, but there are plenty of places where you can go quad biking in London or at least fairly close by.

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There is a huge selection of Quad Bikes and ATVs in the market place and with this comes a wide range of quality in build and finish from the various manufacturers. The better quality machines are generally the premium models which come out of Japan and the USA such as Honda, Yamaha and Polaris. A quality machine will serve you well for a long time simply by adhering to the manufacturers recommended maintenance regime.

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If the kids are nagging you about wanting to go Quad Biking but you are reluctant to let them try it because you are concerned about safety, then you really need not worry. Most Quad Biking centres will set a minimum age limit, sometimes as young as 6 yrs old.

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When you’re looking for a venue to go quad biking, Kent is an obvious choice, especially if you’re based in or around London. From its perfectly suited terrain to its quad racing credentials, the Garden of England is a superb choice for your quad bike experience. Here are five reasons to go quad biking in Kent.

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It is a new year and we have launched our new website. Our old website was well-used and informative, but we have taken the best from that and made it more modern and also fully mobile friendly. You can now find out about what we do more easily on your iPad or smartphone.

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