London:  There's no better city to use as the setting for your team building day

Even if you work in central London and completely take for granted all the amazingness that surrounds you each day, when you stop for a minute to look around, you can't not be impressed by the scale of our Capital City and all the history and beautiful buildings that fill it.  Spectacular sites at every corner! And that's just the people, not to mention the architecture!

There's a well known quote:

“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford – Samual Johnson”


A large proportion of our clients are London based businesses.  

Many see the benefits of making the journey out of London to hold their team building event at our gorgeous venue in the Kent countryside.  But others have less time to invest, maybe just a half day or a couple of hours and need to stay central.  Either that or they just love London so much, they don’t want to be parted, even for one day.  Whatever the reason, we have some great outdoor activities for your team to do in the big smoke.


So what group activities can we run in London?  Even where space may seem to be in short supply, we can run superb outdoor activities!  Here’s some cool ideas to grab your interest.


- Explore this amazing city on foot with a GPS Treasure Hunt. 
- Perhaps you’d like to learn some circus skills or recreate ‘It’s a Knockout’? 
- Find peace and tranquillity amid the urban buzz with some country pursuits
- Adrenylin junkies might prefer to blast up and down the Thames in RIBs
- We can even do dragon boat racing at an Olympic venue



Indoor activities:

Or maybe give your colleagues the chance to try out some unusual indoor activities, which are also great for team building.  Enjoy some wine tasting, learn to make chocloate, produce a giant work of art or take part in a drumming workshop.  


These are just some ideas!  Whichever you choose...

- Learn loads and see things that have been right under your nose for years!  
- Be a tourist in your own town and get the feeling of anticipation and excitement that goes along with it.  
- Enjoy a completely different sort of conversation with your team mates.  
- Do something different you can talk about for a long time afterwards.  
- Laugh and relax with your colleagues.  
-  Create and share some brilliant memories.  

Team building activities in London are really great fun.  But take a look at our Kent venue too, so you can weigh up both options.  It’s definitely do-able in a day and the choice of activities is sensational, including more of our motorised off-road activities like quad biking and apache rally racing.
If you're after even more inspiration, check out our team building activity directory

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