Off Road Adventures for the Whole Family

Quad Biking in winter

You may have seen an article in the Daily Telegraph (17th November) about Off Road
Trials or Tyro Trials as they are known and thought it looked great fun. Something that
parents and kids can do together. The main point of the article was to highlight the fact
that motorsport doesn’t have to be hugely expensive like the Champagne-soaked
spectacle of Formula One, VIP enclosures at the Goodwood Revival and numerous other
elitist events that are difficult to attend and impossible for the majority of people to
take part in. This is where Tyro Trials comes in and the article goes on to say that “Tyro
is cheap” and that for as little as £2,000 this is a sport that you can take part.
Now, whilst £2,000 is cheap in comparison to the more elitist events previously
mentioned, it is still one hell of an outlay and on top of this cost you’ve still got
maintenance, transportation and storage issues to take into account.
So what’s the answer? Well we believe we have the answer at the Ian Wright
Organisation where we can provide all of the benefits of taking part in off road
motorsport, with the kids if you want to, but without the need to own your own off
road vehicle…you simply come along and use ours. We have a fleet of Land Rover
Discoveries (some which are dual control) as well as Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTV’s),
Sporting Trials Cars and for those wanting to try something without a steering wheel we
have a fleet of Quad Bikes. What we also have is an amazing venue where you will find
slopes and obstacles to suit every possible standard of driver ability plus fully qualified
instructors who will teach you exactly what the vehicles are capable of and how to get
the best out of them. All of our activities begin with classroom sessions as we believe it
is essential for you to know how the drive train of your vehicle works so that you can
then fully appreciate what you can do with it when in a practical situation.
So, for as little as £41 (now that is cheap) you too could get into the muddy world of
“Off-Road Trials” and, if you really do take to it, then you can go and splash out on
buying your own car.

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