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BORDA 4×4 Off-Road Driver Training – Higher Level

A two day course covering all of the basic and standard levels plus an explanation of the various four wheel drive systems available, specialist driving techniques, self recovery, route planning, the environment and health and safety issues associated with driving off-road on steep and slippery slopes.

This advanced level covers most situations likely to be encountered in driving cross-country and is particularly important for those working alone and in slippery conditions with significant slopes. Situations that can be sorted easily on road can be very hazardous when tackled off-road, for example changing a wheel in soft mud needs very careful planning and starting to slide on a steep slippery hill needs new skills and confidence.

The course is structured to be progressive with ample time allowed for attaining high skill levels. We would expect all attendees to attain a good knowledge of their vehicle, be able to assess each situation safely and be able to drive off-road in a safe and competent way with minimum strain on vehicle, passengers, load and environment. It is BORDA’ s recommendation that those with no previous experience attend at 2:1 ratio and those with some previous experience may attend a 3:1 ratio.

Attendees will be awarded a nationally accredited certificate; all attendees will be given course notes.

BORDA Off-Road Driver Training – Higher Level Prices (excluding VAT):

  • Two Day Higher Level 1 Driver – £799.50
  • Two Day Higher Level 2 Drivers – £876.00 (£438.00 per person)
  • Two Day Higher Level 3 Drivers – £950.00 (£316.67 per person)
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