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BORDA accredited UTV Training (Ride in)

The course starts with a detailed look at the way the UTV (Utility Terrain Vehicle) works and the basic maintenance required to keep it in a safe and reliable condition.  After the theory session you start driving on level ground, gradually advancing to gentle hills and then on to side slopes, ditches, gullies and steeper hills, finishing with a safari drive around the training grounds.  UTV type vehicles are generally fitted with low pressure tyres offering good ground contact area and off-road grip, but poor grip and stability on-road, due to a combination of tread pattern, low inflation pressure and deep sidewalls.  It is critical that the tyres fitted to your vehicle are suitable for the usage to which you put it.

The course covers:

  • Operator safety and company policies.
  • Driving alone
  • The environment
  • Vehicle specific controls
  • Understanding 4 wheel drive systems, differentials and locks and traction control
  • Reading the ground, ruts, surface conditions, gradients and obstacles
  • Approach, ramp break over and departure angles
  • Axle clearance
  • Driving in ruts
  • Mild ascents
  • Lack of engine breaking
  • Emergency stop, non ABS and ABS
  • Returning to the road

Prices are as follows:

Price  Price per person
Half day basic course, 1  Driver   £273.50
Half day basic course, 2 Drivers   £321.50   £160.75
Full day basic course, 3 Drivers   £537.00   £179.00
Full day standard course, 1 Driver   £440.50
Full day standard course, 2 Drivers   £488.50   £244.25
Two day higher course, 1 Driver   £861.00
Two day higher course, 2 Drivers   £938.00   £469.00
Two day higher course, 3 Drivers   £1,011.50   £337.17
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