Project Description

Summer Party Event for 100

  • Timings:  10:00 – 18:30

  • Venue: Our home, Ashtree Farm


The client wanted to have a multi-activity event and was adamant that was to include some water-based activities with the finale being a raft building and race.  They wanted to get absolutely everybody involved and enjoying themselves.

The Solution

The Wright Event provided a 4×4 Scavenger Hunt, School Sports Day activities (Ski Race, Space Hoppers and Sack Race), Target Archery and we created a new activity specifically for this client which we called the “Island Dash”.  During each separate activity the teams were tasked with gathering components for the main event which was the Raft Build and the Grand Finale Raft Race.  Each team had to design and create a flag to fly on their rafts and all the items needed to complete this were distributed around the farm to be collected when out on the 4 x 4 scavenger hunt or from locked boxes which had codes to break once teams had completed the Ski, Space Hopper and  Sack Race courses.  The Island Dash had teams paddling out to the island in a one-man dinghy to collect components needed for the raft build, poles and barrels.  On reaching the island and collecting the component, team mates had to pull the dinghy back to shore where a new team member would take their turn to paddle to the island.  All teams had to make five trips to collect the parts needed and it was all done against the clock.  The Archery was a straightforward scoring exercise with the top team getting to choose their position on the grid for the raft race.

The Itinerary

10:00  Delegates arrive at Ashtree Farm for tea, coffee, pastries and bacon rolls.
10:15  Welcome, introductions and safety briefings.
10:30  Team strategy planning session.
11:00  1st round of team activities
13:15  BBQ Lunch served
14:15  2nd round of team building activities
15:00  Raft build and race finale
17:00  Evening BBQ served
18:30  Clients depart at leisure

“Thank you again for a pretty awesome day yesterday.  Everything ran so smoothly and everyone had an absolute ball, once they accepted that they were going to get drenched!  Lots of groans today about aching thighs (that space hopper was a killer), but everyone is smiling and there is a definite buzz about the office today.  There’s a reason it’s called Team Building that’s for sure. So thank you again for everything including your patience with all my calls and chopping and changing the plans.  Thanks again Colin.”

LC, Sega Europe Ltd.

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