Quad/ ATV Maintenance… a few simple tips

Quad Biking in winter

There is a huge selection of Quad Bikes and ATVs in the market place and with this comes a wide range of quality in build and finish from the various manufacturers. The better quality machines are generally the premium models which come out of Japan and the USA such as Honda, Yamaha and Polaris. A quality machine will serve you well for a long time simply by adhering to the manufacturers recommended maintenance regime.

However, we have found that some of the cheaper Quad Bikes coming out of China are actually of a reasonable build quality now and, whilst still no match for the premium models, they can last a long time albeit with an enhanced maintenance regime which is needed to avoid nuisance component failure and to prevent the Quad Bike from becoming less pleasant and awkward to ride.

If your Quad Bike or ATV is used off road it should be washed regularly and, if possible, garaged in a dry environment. Regular washing is particularly important if you have taken your Quad Bike or ATV through deep mud as this can act as a grinding paste and will start to wear out components extremely quickly. If you use a power washer to clean the Quad Bike or ATV, whilst doing a great job, they can be quite intrusive with high pressure water finding its way past seals and into bearings causing long term damage. The cheaper machines are more prone to this than the premium models. After washing the Quad Bike or ATV it is always advisable to ride it around for a while to assist the drying out process before garaging it.

Chains and brakes in particular dislike excessive mud and if your Quad Bike or ATV has drum brakes as opposed to disc brakes you will need to regularly dismantle them and thoroughly clean them to prevent them from wearing out quickly and/or corroding resulting in a possible malfunction.

Over the past couple of years we have found that with the continuous wet weather and the subsequent need to wash the equipment more regularly the Quad Bikes have experienced an increased number of electrical faults. Virtually all of these have been down to corrosion related issues and simply by pulling the terminals apart, cleaning and applying Vaseline or a similar product dramatically reduces this problem.

All of the above are very simple points but if carried out in conjunction with the manufacturers recommended maintenance will help keep your Quad Bike or ATV running smoothly for longer.

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