Quad Biking for Juniors

Quad Biking in winter

If the kids are nagging you about wanting to go Quad Biking but you are reluctant to let them try it because you are concerned about safety, then you really need not worry. Most Quad Biking centres will set a minimum age limit, sometimes as young as 6 yrs old. However, in these instances the riders will usually be given mini quads or junior quads to ride and the activity will take place within the confines of an inflatable barrier. Other centres will set their minimum age limit a little higher at around 11yrs old and also have a minimum height restriction of approximately 1.4mtrs. In these cases the Quad Biking centre will usually allow the juniors to use the same bikes as the adults and to venture out on a Quad Bike Safari.

The thinking behind allowing the juniors to use an adult quad bike comes down to the design of the modern Quad Bike, with its automatic gearbox, thumb control throttle, and a braking system not dissimilar to a standard bicycle with hand operated levers for the front and rear brakes plus the addition of a foot brake which brakes all four wheels, making these machines much easier to ride. The other big advantage with the adult bikes is their superior stability due to the longer and wider wheel base. Junior Quads or Micro Quads, whilst being good fun, are slightly more skittish and the stability can become a bit of an issue if used outside of an inflatable safety barrier.

Juniors will go through exactly the same safety briefing as the adults and will be provided with the same quality safety equipment albeit sized accordingly. It is quite often the case that anyone aged 16 or under must be accompanied by a participating parent or guardian. This isn’t mandatory but some Quad Biking centres feel that with their parents in attendance the juniors tend to pay a bit more attention to what they are being told and it also deters them from getting too carried away when actually out and about on the Quad Bikes. It also allows the parent or guardian to see that the tuition and instructions received are extensive and they are designed to ensure the riders get full enjoyment from the activity yet remaining completely safe.

Once the safety briefing is over you will start with gentle manoeuvres learning to start and stop and get used to controlling the Quad Bike. Then, when your instructor has established that everyone appears reasonably competent on the Quad Bikes, you will be led out to an obstacle course which initially starts with a coned track and progresses to more demanding tasks which could include see-saws, limbo bars and riding along parallel logs. After everyone in the group can complete the obstacle course to the instructors satisfaction its time to go off on safari and put your new found skills to the test.

However, this is where there are unforeseen hazards!! Firstly the kids are more often than not better on the Quad Bikes and Mum or Dad have to face this humiliation and, secondly, you may find it will cost you when the kids demand a return visit having had such an amazing time!

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